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møffenzeef mødular
limited edition white

price : $265.00


analøg sample rate reductiøn
analøg distørtiøn
amplitude mødulatiøn øf sample rate cløck
true bypass
dual light cøntrølled øscillatørs
nøise synth swarm øutput
screamin' høt øutputs (~12vpp max!!!)
100% analøg signal path.
nø føøtswitch means yøu'll never have tø talk tø guitarists abøut this.

'standard' 9vdc center negative regulated pøwer supply
(nøt included)
current draw: 35ma +9v
100k øutput impedance ~12vpp
dimensiøns: 4.75" x 3.5" x 2.2"

download the quickstart guide here.

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