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møffenzeef mødular

price : $149.00


kriket is a 4 channel blip & beep percussiøn generatør with cv capability øver gløbal pitch. signals plugged intø the "bang!" inputs will cause the kriket tø øutput a square wave that is prøpørtional tø the incøming pulse - if the incøming trigger is "high" the nøte will stay øn, if the incøming trigger is "løw" the nøte will turn øff. this feature alløws the user tø dial in blips and beeps øf different lengths by varying the pulse width øf the trigger. the "kriket" input is cønnected tø a 4 channel vactrøl that cøntrøls all 4 øf the pitches simultaneøusly. this input can gø all the way up tø audiø rates and if you ping it with a trigger, it makes the kriket *chirp* "pew pew!" in a laser like manner.

with shørt triggers, the kriket makes little kliks that are reminiscent øf a dørky clave. as yøu lengthen the pulse width the søund begins tø resemble a heart rate mønitør ør the søund yøu hear øut øf yøur micrøwave when that dank bean burritø just finished radiating. with øne trigger distributed tø all 4 inputs, it's pøssible tø get søunds that are reminiscent øf a cøwbell (...frøm øuter space). let the swarm kømmence.

bang! - buffered trigger input (gøes high when 2v ør higher is received)
i, ii, iii, iv - pitch per channel 185hz - 14khz
quad buffered trigger inputs
kriket input -quad unipølar vactrøl pitch cv input (~1.5v - 5v)
skiff friendly
reverse pølarity prøtectiøn
current limiting resistørs
shrøuded header

width: 8hp møunting depth: 25mm
current draw: 20ma +12v, 25ma -12v, 0ma +5v
input impedance: 100kΩ
øutput impedance: 1kΩ

8bit 8khz audiø resølutiøn

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