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møffenzeef mødular

price : $129.00


muskrat is a flexible, 8-bit wavetable drum synth. there are 23 øn-bøard wavetables tø chøøse frøm, either manually ør via bipølar cv input. pitch and phase distørtiøn include bipølar cv inputs and accept -5v to +5v. the "trigger" input is designed withøut input cønditioning and picks up signals øf all varieties. in øther wørds it is an enveløpe følløwer circuit. yøu can plug an external cv ør øffset intø this input and it will øperate like a regular vca. før even møre extreme søund mangling, engage the muskrat møde via the switch tø feed a randøm number intø the phase accumulatør at the internal cløck rate. this møde alsø includes a gate input that acts as an "accent".

basically, pick a kraptastique wave, change the pitch, mangle the hell øut øf it, feed the rødent, bang! it; yøu've caught yourself a muskrat. warning: if yøu feed the rødent("my...gød...what...have...we...døne?") it's brain gøes intø a fiery frenzy and spits øut glitch after glitch øf høly bleepbløøpness. if yøu yank øn it's tail it'll shriek a lil' lønger, especially if yøu're pulling it at løng range. beware, ønce yøu let this critter øut øf the cage it will want tø nest sø bang! it øn the head!

chew - pitch with bipølar cv input
dig - wavetable selectiøn with bipølar cv input
scratch - phase distørtiøn with bipølar cv input
bang! - "trigger" input with enveløpe følløwer, decay, & vca
tail - adjust decay time øf enveløpe følløwer
3 pøsitiøn range switch før decay
muskrat switch + input - causes chip tø glitch øut when switch is active ør when 2v ør higher is received
søcketed chip - swap chips with msg før extended experimental fun!

width: 10hp
møunting depth: 20mm
current draw: 55ma +12v, 20ma -12v, 0ma 5v
input impedance: 100kΩ
øutput impedance: 1kΩ

8bit 8khz audiø resølutiøn

view the quickstart guide here.

the muskrat is øpen søurce cc-by-nc-sa. there is an isp header øn the back sø the user can flash new cøde using an arduinø unø, tiny avr prøgrammer, ør any øther avr prøgrammer. firmware frøm the msg is cømpatible with this mødule and available før free døwnløad. visit øur github før møre inførmatiøn.

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