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midi synchro cable assemblies
midi-10; 10 feet

price : $25.00

MIDI Synchro Cable Assemblies

midi synchro cable assemblies
midi-15; 15 feet

price : $30.00

mogami midi synchro cable assemblies are specially designed for use with the musical instrument digital interface (midi) communication system. applications include the latest midi patchbays, and interconnection between midi equipment and midi served musical instruments.

single and dual midi cables are both available from standard stock. new dual midi cables are designed for compact wiring and prevent connection errors when using both midi-out and midi-in ports simultaneously.

one piece molded 5pin din connectors.

low profile two stage molding for easy handling, reliability and long life.

0.76µ gold plated pin version available to order.

specially designed, superflexible cable with four #25awg copper conductors and served (spiral) shield.

attractive, durable, satin black rubber like pvc jacket.

fast, accurate transmission of midi signal via a twisted pair for better electromagnetic noise rejection.

additional two pins wired for tape synchro signal.

interchangeable colour rings for easy patch cord identification.

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