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price : $50.00


external power module and context switch for monome grids. power adapter included.

switch adds an additional 5v power supply to a eurorack modular system specifically to power a monome grid, though any usb-compliant controller can be powered also. the grid is protected against negative & over-voltage power supplies, while isolating the dynamic power requirements of the leds from the extant eurorack power supply. with the grids power supplied independently, issues of high frequency noise and the large dynamic power draw of the grid are removed.

attach a monome grid to the oblong usb port immediately above the dc power supply input. power will be applied to the grid and the startup animation will play. the included usb cable can then be used to connect output 'a' to the usb input of your module to be controlled. make certain the switch is in the upper position and the grid should now display the connected application.

using a second usb cable attached to the 'b' usb jack on the switch module, you can rapidly shift focus between two destination modules. flip the switch on the panel downward to 'b' and you will see the grid update to the newly connected module. while designed for switching focus between modules, the switch can also be used to alternate between a grid-enabled module and computer!

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