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moody sounds
baby box mini

price : $175.00

we have taken the heart out of our baby box and made it an effect on its own. baby box mini is a pure noise generator, ready to produce moody sounds.

the effect has five knobs. one of them controls an oscillator with low frequency - we call it the noise tempo control. the other knobs control higher frequency oscillators - they are the noise pitch controls.

the oscillators are integrated on the pcb, and this is the playful thing - turning one knob can affect the whole circuit, and the varieties of sounds that are possible to find in this little box, are close to infinate.

for those who like circuit bending we give some advice how you can change the character of the sound. this is described in the users manual that is included. it is very easy to do just a small adjustment and make the box behave differently. we must say - do this at your own risk, there is always a risk of damaging the circuit if you start working with it. a small bag of circuit bending components is included. if you don't like this bit, don't worry, the baby box mini is funny as it is when it leaves our hands.

the box has mono output.

the baby box mini is powered with a 9v or a 12v dc adapter, center of plug negative (not included).

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