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moody sounds
mushroom echo

price : $180.00

experimental moody pedal, the moody mushroom is a combined echo / pitch pedal which is controlled optically. it can produce all from freaky and bent out of shape notes to soft chorus like sounds. very expressive for the creative musician!

the pitch and echo is controlled by covering/ exposing a sensor, which is placed in the right corner of the pedal.

the white knob is a sensitivity control for the sensor and the red knob sets the "amount" of effect.

moody mushroom has also a mode-switch. by switching it, the pedal behaves just like a regular echo (identical to the previous version of moody echo). its two knobs now set interval time between the repeats (white) and length of repeats (red).

the mushroom has true bypass and is powered with 9 or 12 volt dc adapter with common polarity.

you can also connect a microphone to it and sing through it.

video sample:

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