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mungo enterprises

price : $499.00

the mungo enterprises dds is a two channel synthesizer for the production of percussive sounds. both channels have independent outputs for further processing and they can be triggered independently or together. all the parameters are available as individual knobs on the front panel and can be automated over midi.

the unit is equipped with 128 patch memories that store all the settings of the front panel. to retrieve a patch send a program change message to the device. to store a patch press and hold the save button while sending a program change message to the device.

link mode
the noise channel can be transposed to play together with the tone channel for combination drum sounds such as snares. to enable the link mode press and hold the button between the two channels. the activity light of the noise channel inverts to indicate the link mode is operating.

tone channel
a sine wave oscillator fed through a constant power limiter and an amplitude envelope with adjustable curve.
the controls, from left to right:
attack, initial phase of the signal when triggered.
pitch, base frequency of the oscillator.
pitch envelope gain, amount of pitch modulation.
pitch envelope decay, time constant.
drive, gain of signal before the limiter.
amplitude curve, blend from exponential to linear.
amplitude decay, time constant.

noise channel
this channel comprises a noise source fed through a constant power bandpass filter and an exponential amplitude envelope.
the controls, from left to right:
filter frequency, center frequency of passband.
filter width, total width of passband.
amplitude decay 1, time constant for the lower note.
amplitude decay 2, time constant for the higher note.

to hear the dds in action, listen to this sound clip. the entire demo was done in a single live pass with a pair of dds units run into a yamaha 02r for a touch of reverb and eq, with all the parameter tweaking done on the unit itself.

for further info, check out the user manual here.

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