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mutable instruments

price : $109.00


a bernoulli gate takes a logic signal (trigger or gate) as an input, and routes it to either of its two outputs according to a random coin toss. the knob controls how fair the coin toss is - with the knob in minimal position, the first output always win, with the knob in maximal position the second output always wins - with random fun in-between. and obviously, this bias is cv-controllable!

branches packs two such gates in a small 6-hp panel. get a sequencer to randomly skip steps, randomize drum patterns, dispatch events from a sequence to two subpatches, or patch a monster modular pachinko machine...

technical characteristics
input specifications: 100k impedance, 0.6v threshold.
output specifications: 5v high level.
response time: 15μs.
current consumption: +12v: 10ma, -12v: 1ma.

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