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price : $259.00


tides is all about waves that go up and down, from minute-long cycles to audio rates...this module is mutable instruments' unique take on the looping ad envelope generator - pushing this well-known trope to unknown territories. the core of the module is a digital asymmetric triangle function generator, which can be used in ad and ar modes (for envelope generation), or looping (as a vc-lfo or vc-do). the triangle generator is followed by a wavetable waveshaper providing linear, exponential, logarithmic, sinusoidal, or arc-sinusoidal shapes for the a and d segments. then, a second processor applies either a 2-pole low-pass filter to the waveform, smoothing its sharp edges; or a rubbery wavefolder, adding kinks and bounces to the waveform.

digital function generator
3 operating mode: ad envelope, looping (vc-lfo/vcdo), ar envelope.
3 frequency ranges for the main frequency knob: low (2 minutes to 2 hz), medium (0.125 hz to 32 hz), high (8 hz to 2khz). this range can be widened by applying an offset on the v/oct input.

a large palette of waveforms
shape control with cv input - covering various combinations of linear, exponential, or sinusoidal segments.
slope/asymmetry (a/d time ratio) control with cv input.
smoothness control with cv input: smoothes the waveform using a 2-pole digital filter, or adds bumps and kinks with a digital wavefolder.

external clocking/pll
the module can use an external clock or clean audio signal as a reference, and operate at a multiple of this clock (from 1/16 to 16x).
this allows, for example, the generate of (sub)harmonics from another vco.

4 output modes
different shapes. each output produces a different waveshape: main signal (with voltage-controlled attenuverter), raw asymmetric triangle, end of attack gate, end of release gate.
different amplitudes: voltage-controlled dispatching of the signal to each of the 4 outputs.
different times: voltage-controlled phase or apex shifting of the signal.
different frequencies: outputs 2, 3, and 4 are shifted up or down in frequency relatively to output 1, creating chords or polyrhythmic lfos.

all inputs: 100k impedance, dc to 7.8khz.
slope, smoothness, shape, shift/level input range: ± 8v.
v/oct input range: -3 to +7v.
trig and clock input range: 0 to +8v, protected.
16-bit cv capture.
internal processing: 32-bit floating point.
cv outputs: 14-bit, 62.5khz (31.25khz in different frequencies mode).
output levels: bipolar +/- 5v for cyclic signals; unipolar +8v for gates and envelopes.

+12v: 50ma
-12v: 20ma

download the quickstart guide here.

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