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price : $180.00


ana is a utility module comprising six functions that combine two inputs. these functions are:
min - compute the minimum of the two input voltages
max - compute the maximum of the two input voltages
vca - compute the xor, or multiplication the two input voltages
mag - compute the difference between the two input voltages.
step - perform a track and hold based smooth/ stepped process from the two inputs
box - perform a bipolar comparator process resulting in a 3 level square wave.

the front panel controls are used to attenuvert or offset the input signals depending on how ana is patched:
patching a signal into either in1 or in2 will make the corresponding knob function as an attenuverter
patching a signal into either sum1 or sum2 will make the corresponding knob function as an offset
patching into both inputs will attenuvert the signal patched into either in1 or in2 and add the signal patched into either sum1 or sum2.
leaving all inputs to a channel unpatched makes the corresponding knob a static offset.
the attenuverters are able to boost an incoming signal by a factor of 2.

ana lends itself to a wide variety of functions, many of them performed simultaneously. here is a short list of them:
process cv with gain and offset.
multiply signals as a through-zero vca with unique character.
add harmonics by rectifying a signal.
create pseudo random sequences.
distort incoming signals under voltage control
compute boolean logic on gates or continuous voltages.
extract gates and sequences from modulation signals.

size: 6 hp
depth: 21mm (from panel to end of power header)
power draw: ~ 34 ma on +12v, ~ 31ma on -12v

download the users manual here.

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