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price : $295.00


portal is a wave wrapping harmonic distortion. similar to a wave folder, portal multiplies the harmonics of a signal going through it. unlike a wave folder once the input has hit the threshold voltage the output will jump to zero instead of folding back on itself, creating a sharp transition almost like the wave has traveled through a portal. when fed with a triangle or sawtooth this can create an effect similar to oscillator sync, but without the need for a second modulating oscillator. when fed with complex audio sources the results are devastating, turning just about anything that goes through it into mad screams from another dimension.

three distinct flavors of distortion available simultaneously:
wrap performs a modulo operation on the input.
round performs an integer division operation on the input.
spike outputs a small trigger whenever a new wrap is generated.

four voltage controllable parameters each with a dedicated attenuverter or attenuator:
wrap controls the harmonic multiplication amount of the wrapping effect, with the maximum wrap range being set by the high/ low switch
bias adds a dc offset to the input signal, allowing a second signal to be mixed in or for the input signal to be clipped.
feedback sends the output of the wrap effect back into its input causing self oscillation, ultrasound burps, higher wrap amounts and generally chaotic behavior.
track makes the wrapping effect follow the signal better or worse, also allowing the output signal to be completely turned off.

portal utilizes high quality parts throughout:
power supply is reverse power protected with high quality tps7a series voltage regulators reducing any power noise from other modules.
entire audio path uses opa1654 op amps.
internal vcas are cool audio ssm2164


download the users manual here.

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