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zularic repetitor

price : $222.00

zularic repetitor
replacement purple faceplate

price : $25.00

zularic - of zulu - from zulu zulu 'the zulu people' often misused to represent all people of africa

repetitor - repeater -from latin repetito "repetition" with suffix -tor forming a noun "thing which repeats"

"african repeater"

zularic repetitor is a rhythmic gate generator based off of the rhythmic theory of african music. a core pattern forms the basis and variation is achieved by offsetting this pattern in time relative to the base.

this module contains 32 four part mother rhythms from african, indian, latin, funk and kraut roots. each rhythm outputs four variations of itself simultaneously while allowing the offset of each part in time by cv and knob. it requires only a master clock to run and also allows the pattern to be reset by an external gate

download the users manual here.

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