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Analog: NoDigital: NoHybrid: NoSampler: No

Arpreggiator: NoSequencer: NoVocoder: NoFX: NoDrums: NoHD Recording: Yes

Polyphonic: NoMulti-Timbral: No


Module: NoKeyboard: YesRackmount: NoTabletop: No

Audio Demo: NoPDF Manual: No

piano 3

price : $2,999.00

Piano 3

with outstanding new keyboard technology, improved grand weighted action and expanded memory for the exclusive nord piano library - the nord piano 3 takes piano feel and realism to a new level.

the new virtual hammer action technology simulates the movement of the hammers in a grand piano, capturing the characteristics with exceptional dynamics and breathtaking level of authenticity.

virtual hammer action technology new:
the nord exclusive virtual hammer action technology simulates the hammer movements in a grand piano delivering outstanding authenticity and dynamic response. the triple sensor keybed allows key movements to be determined with stunning precision. the result is a keyboard action that handles dynamic playing with amazing control at any velocity level.

the nord virtual hammer action technology enables you to produce a new note without lifting the key completely. this allows for smoother repetitions as the tone is not completely dampened between the strokes, similar to the fluent transitions possible on a grand piano.

extended triggering range:
the new keyboard technology makes both top and bottom triggering possible, resulting in amazing control when playing percussively as well as pianissimo with the keys half-pressed down.

grand weighted action new:
the keybed has added weight for improved dynamic control providing authentic piano touch and feel. the individual fatar keybeds are meticulously calibrated at the nord factory to ensure an even response over the whole range.

piano section:
the nord piano 3 features 1 gb of memory dedicated to the exclusive sounds from the nord piano library carefully selected for their specific and individual character. the ever expanding nord piano library is filled with uniquely sampled acoustic and electric instruments, with an outstanding range of velocity levels allowing for exceptional dynamic control. the factory bank features 6 grand pianos, 5 upright pianos, 11 electric pianos, clavinet and harpsichords. replacing the sounds in your nord piano 3 is simply a matter of dragging and dropping files in the nord sound manager for mac and windows.

unique piano features:
advanced string resonance: reproduces the intricate interplay of piano strings resonating at their fundamental or harmonic frequencies when other notes are played on our upright and grand piano sounds.
soft release: softens the release phase of the tone, which can be suitable when a gentler or more legato character is desired.
the nord triple pedal: includes soft and sostenuto pedals in addition to a unique dynamic sustain pedal enabling the use of half-pedaling and "release and catch" techniques.
pedal noise: recreates the mechanical sounds of lifting and releasing the damper mechanism, producing the characteristic thomp and sizzle sounds. the pedal noise feature responds dynamically to the force/momentum used when pressing or releasing the sustain pedal on the nord triple pedal.

sample synth section:
the sample synth section in the nord piano 3 has 256 mb memory dedicated to the nord sample library 2.0 - our essential selection of high quality sampled sounds from a wide range of genres including the exclusively licensed sounds of the mellotron and chamberlin. the nord sample library 2.0 is constantly updated and new additions can be downloaded for free!

the sample synth section has dedicated knobs for adjusting attack, decay/release, dynamic controls and volume of the selected sound. volume can also be controlled with an optional volume pedal and the sostenuto pedal on the nord triple pedal can be used as a separate sustain/latch pedal for the sample synth section for advanced layering possibilites. with the included software nord sample editor you can even create your own sample instruments. load your .wav-files, assign them to keys on the keyboard and transfer them to the nord piano 3 to play them instantly. the nord sample editor can also assist you in looping and mapping your sounds.

effect section:
the nord piano 3 effect section features great, tweakable effects for instantly adding dirt, glimmer or atmosphere to your sound. all effects are in stereo.
effect 1 - pan, tremolo, wah-wah and ring modulator. all effects can be controlled with a control pedal.
effect 2 - phaser, flanger, chorus, a new vibe effect and two selectable depths for each effect.
delay - stereo delay effect with tap tempo button
three band eq, with sweepable mid
compressor/amp - twin, jc, small, compressor and a new tube overdrive effect.

each of the effects sections can be assigned to either the piano or sample synth section.
master effects reverb with six modes - room, stage, hall each with a bright option.

the nord piano 3 has dedicated knobs and buttons for all vital functions required in a live performance situation. transposing, setting up a split point or creating a layered sound can be accomplished in seconds.

oled display:
the crystal clear oled display provides an excellent overview when selecting or editing sounds, effects and programs on stage. a new organize function allows you to effortlessly rearrange the order of programs, pianos and samples. there are 200 locations, organized in 4 banks with 50 programs each. the nord piano 3 also has 5 live locations that automatically save the current settings - ideal as a sketching pad at rehearsals when trying out new sound combinations in the search of the perfect sound.

split and layers:
the nord piano 3 has two sound sections that can be combined in a layer or split over the keyboard. each of the sound sections can have specific effects, volume pedal and/or sustain pedal assigned to them - for example chorus and sustain pedal on the piano and some delay and a control pedal on the sample synth. the split function includes 6 split points, indicated with led lights.

monitor input:
connect your mp3 or cd player to the rear panel nord piano 3 monitor input to play along, rehearse to or jam with previously recorded music without the need of an external mixer or sound system. the signal will be monitored through the headphone output.

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