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remote 25 sl

price : $399.00


Finally, recording in the dark is a thing of the past. The SL shines a light on the murky world of MIDI control by providing two giant, brightly lit LCD screens alongside an intelligent Automap mode*, which detects what instruments you have in your project and intelligently and logically maps the controls to the SL's front panel.


- Two large, brightly backlit 144-character LCD screens
- Assignable X/Y touchpad and adjustably sprung pitch/mod joystick
- Plug and Play USB connection with no drivers required for Windows XP or Mac OS X
- Superb semi-weighted, high-quality keyboard, velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive
- Total of 64 assignable knobs, buttons and sliders, plus 8 velocity-sensitive, musically responsive trigger pads
- Dedicated transport controls
- Ships with FREE Bass Station soft synth
- Fantastic new Automap Mode* (see below)



* Open up certain applications with the SL connected and all instruments (and mixers etc. in some applications) within the session will be detected and mapped to logical areas of the SL, with their controls displayed clearly on the screens. All the user needs to do is press one button or click once with the mouse to switch between controlling different instruments. Currently supported applications are Reason 3 and Cubase SL/SX3. Click here (underline + link to find out more.

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