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remote zero sl

price : $299.00

Zero SL

usb midi control surface!

novation's remote zero sl is a revolutionary new version of the acclaimed remote sl series midi controllers with one interesting twist - no keys. like the other controllers in the remote series, the remote zero sl automaps to reason 3, cubase sl/sx3, nuendo 3, logic 7 and ableton live 5. the zero sl is a first for novation and a move away from an instrument or all-in-one controller keyboard towards a focussed control surface. additionally, the removal of keys brings with it a large reduction in cost, which makes the zero sl the most affordable way to experience the benefits of novation's automap technology.

full automap and control functionality:
in conjunction with automap, the zero sl offers a huge amount of assignable controls, including 8 musically-responsive trigger pads. all of these are pre-programmed in 32 manual templates onboard the unit, so that the sl works with the most popular software instruments, whether automapping or not. the template editor software package is also included, allowing quick and easy construction or modification of manual and automap templates, through the selection of named parameters, rather than arduously looking up midi data.

versatile midi control in a variety of situations:
with all of these features combined in one compact and extremely portable device, the remote zero sl is a highly desirable control surface for studio and live performances alike. sitting at an elevated angle, the zero sl fits neatly behind a querty keyboard for quick access and minimum space consumption. whether wanting to taste the future of midi controlling or just acquiring a comprehensive control surface for tailoring to a specific need, the zero sl is the perfect choice for anyone into music creation, from complete beginners to the consummate pro.

intelligent automapping for reason 3, cubase sl/sx3, nuendo 3, logic 7 and ableton live 5
8 sliders, 16 knobs
transport control
lcd display
midi in, out, thru

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