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price : $115.00

this is a very simple but useful little module to introduce 'smoothness' to cvs and waveforms. it doesn't just have the usual 'lag time' pot that some simple lag generators possess, but two separate up and down controls. the up control will affect the speed at which the output of the module rises. the down control affects the speed at which it falls.

drive the unit with a gate signal and the module becomes an effective ar envelope generator. use it to process those lumpy cvs you get from your midi-cv convertor. remove that zippering to create smooth changes over time. use it also to process the output of an envelope follower to create more controlled filter sweeps when used with a vcf. you have a choice of linear or 'logarithmic' output slopes, controlled by a simple switch.

the logarithmic output allows for longish times of lag to be set up easily, roughly 8 seconds maximum lag time. the output moves quickly at first then slows to reach the final value. you get a more natural effect when using this mode. however, the disadvantage is that the unit is not sufficiently accurate to use for portamento applications in 'log' mode.

in linear mode, the output rises or falls in a straight line. it is classified in volts per second, as opposed to just time. the amount of time it takes depends on the front panel pots' positions and the voltage change on the input. generally, for small changes in voltage the linear output will appear to move quicker than its 'log' equivalent. the linear mode is very accurate and can be used to create linear portamento.

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