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price : $85.00


the olegtron confusor is a 4 channel signal router module suitable for routing all kinds of signals inside a eurorack modular system.

in a nutshell, by using a confusor you can rearrange the patch without disconnecting the cables. the module is useful in switching the same cv modulation content or sound signals to different inputs, rerouting clock signals or triggers, creating fills and variations in live use and stumbling upon a patch you would not have created on purpose.

the module does not work as a mixer or multiple, it rather cross switches the input signals (top row) to different outputs (bottom row). this means that each input is presented at one output only. using the 4 switches there are 16 different routings, ie. permutations available.

there are 4 input jacks in the top row and 4 output jacks in the bottom row. the two upper switches flip the order of inputs 1&2 and 3&4 to the lower switches. the two lower switches route the signals forward to outputs 1&4 and 2&3.

the olegtron confusor is part of a r&d project supported by creademo/avek.

standard 10 to 16 pin eurorack power cable included
width: 9hp
depth: 36mm, without ribbon cable
through hole components
factory manufactured pcb, wave soldered
aluminum frontpanel with black silkscreen, manufactured by grayscale
rohs compliant

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