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aria disnortion

price : $165.00

this pedals sings!

the pigtronix aria is smooth and musical. with the aria pedal, pigtronix takes a unique approach to diode clipping that retains the expressive nature of your music while imparting creamy sustain and enhanced harmonic content. more powerful than a modded screamer and tastier than an old muff, pigtronix aria delivers the goods, no matter how you turn the knobs.

the aria's 3-band active eq is voiced for maximum versatility and sweetness in all settings. exceptional as a recording tool and essential in the live rig, the aria’s 12db / octave eqs boost and cut at carefully selected frequencies, allowing you to adapt to a variety of amps or to craft entirely new, killer tones of your own.

layer the aria with your amp's distortion or another gain pedal (polysaturator) or a compressor (philosopher's tone) to create deep crunchy textures that ooze pure rock inspiration. this pedal will make you write new songs. do it.

audio samples:
aria does jtm
bad weather
blue mama
blues of the common man
clapton's 5 watt champ
dirt bag
harley david son
haus party
lead mute
nimble thimble
page's ocean
slap my face please
spanky clean boost
st. allman's steak house
swamp pants
texas sleepers
tony i owe me
workin' the volume knob

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