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asdr attack sustain

price : $279.00

the pigtronix attack sustain is a polyphonic amplitude-envelope synthesizer that provides volume swell with variable attack time, compression / sustain and variable decay with automatic reset.

at the heart of the attack sustain is a revolutionary, newly designed compression / sustain amplifier. when the attack and decay functions are switched off, the pedal creates a punchy yet smooth compression that allows your instrument to sustain as long as you want.

the attack and decay functions provide a wide range of swell and fade times and pallete of effects that range from cello and trumpet to tape reverse and toy piano. with short attack and decay settings, the auto reset allows you to create pulsating tremolo and staccato-stutter effects.

the attack sustain is a far reaching evolution of the electro-harmonix attack decay. for lovers of the boss slow gear, ebow and/or fernandes sustainer pickup, this is the ultimate pedal. in keeping with the tradition of the attack decay, we've included our own twist on the "harmonics" control, which adds a layer of sweet distortion as well as a high-boost switch that adds clarity, presence and natural overtones.

the blend control allows you to mix in a clean sound for undulating volume swells when using the attack / decay functions or for super transparent compression sounds when combined with the sustainer function. the volume control allows you to boost the effect's signal level significantly above unity gain.

the attack sustain is an interactive pedal, that relies on the player's touch to determine when the attack and/or decay cycle will begin. the trigger input jack allows the touch sensitive attack and decay functions to be controlled by an external source such as a band mate or drum track. this side chaining technique results in some exceptionally bizarre and cool interactions between the rhythm of the trigger source and the amplitude of your instrument.

creative circuit design allows the attack sustain to mimic bowed string, horn and synthesizer textures without altering the essential "tone" of your instrument.

designed in conjunction with effects guru howard "mick" davis, the attack sustain is a 100% analog design.

"back in 1978 i designed the attack decay for electro-harmonix to answer the need for a tape-reverse effect pedal. it did that and much more, and its price has since gone through the roof. it was not polyphonic however; it could only track single notes. in 2006 i created the attack sustain as a state-of-the-art, polyphonic upgrade, and it can do far more than the original attack decay. this is a true amplitude-envelope synthesizer for guitar, far more versatile and easier to play than its predecessor. i'm proud of it!" -- howard "mick" davis.

- variable attack (swell) time
- polyphonic (works with chords)
- sustainer / feedback function
- variable decay (fade) time w/ auto reset
- high boost switch enhances overtones
- harmonics and high boost for insane tone!
- trigger input for external rhythm source
- top quality design, components and workmanship
- master blend and volume controls
- pigtronix 15vdc power supply included
- true bypass and 100% analog
- made in nyc, usa!

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