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ep-2 envelope phaser

price : $275.00

lfo modulation with speed, depth and center
blend combines lfo and envelope signals
envelope travels up or down
side-chain trigger for beat sync
intelligent envelope response
invert switch for + or - phase
compact aluminum chassis
true bypass switching
assignable resonance kill switch
pigtronix 18vdc power supply included
expression pedal inputs for sweep and speed
circuit design by howard davis

the pigtronix envelope phaser pours on the special sauce to take your tone into outer space. accentuating and sweeping through the harmonics of any musical source, the motion of this revolutionary phase shifter can be controlled by envelope, lfo or a blend of both. the ep2 pedal is a complete re-design of our envelope phaser concept, built on 6 years of customer feedback from the original. ep2 sports all new sounds and smart features, in a considerably smaller package.

ep2 makes it easy to dial in monster envelope tones for any instrument or playing style. the envelope in the ep2 kicks it up a notch with a "staccato" function that is ideal for fast picking, funk bass and tight rhythm guitar. the stacatto circuit is an "intelligent envelope" that listens to your playing and quickly discharges the envelope between your notes. this crafty circuit enables incredibly responsive envelope performance, even during rapid fire playing.

ep2's rotary modulation lfo provides adjustable depth and center controls for fine-tuning the frequency range of operation, from subtle swirls to screaming sweeps with a huge range of available speeds. another crucial addition is the new "lfo smooth" switch, which automatically reduces the resonance setting when the lfo is in use. this performance friendly function finally lets you switch between corpulent, mutron style quack and deep, swirling uni-vibe sounds with a single footswitch stomp... no knob tweaking necessary on stage!

in addition to its unique voice and interactive modulation section, ep2 incorporates new control options, including expression pedals for both sweep and speed as well as a continuous blend between envelope and lfo modulation sources.

ep2 retains crucial features from the ep-1 such as true bypass switching, + or - phase inversion and our signature "trigger" input for manipulating the envelope with an external audio source. ep2 runs on 18-volts for maximum headroom.

years of work went into the development of this unique and ridiculously funky device. if you are a musician seeking the ultimate analog phaser, this is your pedal!

audio samples:
these samples by adam stoler are a gibson es-340 through a zinky blue velvet. mics are shure sm57 and sennheiser 421. all clips recorded direct into apple logic.
casual funk
jazz fast leslie
.ep2 comp with aria lead
down sweep negative invert
marv jackson
pop hope
light vibrator
lots of air
marv song
both tones
round mid day
wonder wish

these samples by bakithi kumalo are a fender p-bass thorugh ampeg svt di box.
i am ep2
short al
call him al (break down)
afro solo ep2 (ef + lfo)
lead up
low resonance al

download the manual here.

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