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pittsburgh modular

price : $89.00

two way communictaion line for audio between a modular the outside world. the inout is divided into two sections, output and input.

an attenuated line out allows the inout to patch audio from the modular directly into effects pedals, mixers, audio interfaces, amplifiers, pa systems, or anything else that takes a 1/4" jack. the 1/4" mono output can be used as a line out for the modular or as an effects send that uses the input section for the effects return.

the input section consists of a switched 10x/100x preamp designed to amplify the audio from the 1/4" mono input to modular levels. guitars, synthesizers, effects pedals, and line level audio can be inserted into the modular signal chain.

the inout is useful even without external patching. the two 1/4" jacks are normaled together so with no 1/4" return plugged in, the audio from the input is automatically routed through the amplifier to the output. at 10x, this allows the inout to be a great amplifer for boosting modular audio signals or switch to 100x amplification and overdrive the signal to distortion.

output section features:
2 channel unity gain mixer with attenuated 1/4" line output
output section normaled to input secion

input section features:
10x/100x switchable gain amplifier
attenuated 1/4" input jack
3.5mm output jack

size: 6hp
module depth 43mm
power usage: 40ma

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