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pittsburgh modular
mix mult

price : $79.00

the mix mult is a multifunction utility module. the module combines three important functions into a single module. a high quality three channel mixer and/or attenuator and two sets of passive multiples.

the mixer/attenuator section functions as a flexible, low-noise three channel mixer and/or attenuator for audio and cv that can be used in several ways. patching into the output of channel 1 or 2 will remove that channel from the mixer circuit and turn the channel into an independent passive signal attenuator. channel 3 can not be removed from the mixer circuit, however if channel 1 and 2 are all being used as attenuators, channel 3 is the only input remaining in the mixer allowing it to be used as a buffered attenuator. the mixer knobs are wired with a logarithmic volume curve that is tuned for use with audio but it will work with cv as well.

the bottom of the module contains two sets of passive multiples. patching a signal into one of the multiple jacks will split the signal to the remaining two jacks. allowing a single audio or cv signal to be used in two places at once.

width: 8hp
module depth with ribbon cable attached: 25mm
power usage: 20ma

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