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Pittsburgh Modular
modules and blank panels :
ADSR adsr
Analog Replicator analog replicator
Bender bender
Chain Reactor chain reactor
Crush crush
Detect detect
DNA Symbiotic Waves dna symbiotic waves
Dual VCA dual vca
Envelope envelope
Filter filter
Game System game system
Generator generator
GeneratorX generatorx
Genxpander genxpander
InOut inout
LFO2 lfo2
Logo Panels logo panels
Lopass Gate lopass gate
Midi2 midi2
Midi3 midi3
Mix Mult mix mult
Mixer mixer
Mod mod
Multiple multiple
Oscillator v2 oscillator v2
Outs outs
Phase Shifter phase shifter
Sequencer sequencer
Switch switch
Synthesizer Block synthesizer block
Synthesizer Box synthesizer box
Timerunner timerunner
Timetable timetable
Toolbox toolbox
VC Bend vc bend
Verbtronic verbtronic
voltage influenced lfo
Waveforms waveforms
Analogue Haven