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price : $399.00


add an entirely new layer of replicability in your modular system. the preset offers users 32 banks of 32 presets in which parameter values can be stored. coupled with recordable cv automation, instant recall, and the ability to sequence through those presets.

the interface
the 22 hp interface is simple, clean and streamlined. at first glance, polyend preset module might look like simple a digital preset manager for eurorack systems, but it's much more than this. its vast implications make it a very smart companion for your modular system. but let's start from the basics. with the use of 9 led coloured clickable encoders, preset allows you to store up to 9 different cv output values in 32 banks of 32 presets. yep, 1024 in total!

three colors. three modes.
green - gate mode - sends values from 0v to 10v only when the pad is pressed. once released, the gate outputs 0v.

blue - constant value mode - sends values from 0v to 10v constantly.

cyan - notes mode - sends quantised constant values (v/oct or hz/v) that correspond to the notes in a chosen musical scale.

nine independent cv output values in 32 banks of 32 presets.
save and recall notes, gates, constant values or recorded automations.
play your presets live or sequence is using gate mode.
smoothing option can smooth out your recorded automation.
built in 32 scales.
slew option allows you to morph values from one preset to another in a chosen amount of time.
record in your lfo or envelope from external modules.
create your own scale with micro tuning.
create crazy sequences using cv mode.

22 hp
24mm deep

download the users manual here.

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