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snake charmer out

price : $379.00

the new snake charmer out is an eight channel eurorack to +4dbu balanced line level converter.

you can now control eight balanced, line-level outputs from your eurorack system. space is a premium for eurorack systems, and snake charmer out gives you the most outputs in only 12hp.

snake charmer out features high-precision differential line drivers, which provide the clearest signal, and high headroom. each channel has a dedicated attenuation knob, that also acts as a clipping indicator. we designed snake charmer out with very high headroom (over 20v peak-to-peak), so it will not clip internally, even with unusually high audio input levels.

the generic db25 connector output format lets you easily integrate with many output professional formats, such as 1/4 inch trs, xlr, patch panels, or connect it directly to a professional mixer or audio interface.

power requirements:
idle: 65ma (+12v), 65ma (-12v)
normal use (audio only on 2 channels): 80ma (+12v), 70ma (-12v)
normal use (audio on all 8 channels): 125ma (+12v), 92ma (-12v)
max (all leds lit): 180ma (+12v), 92ma (-12v)

download the user manual here.

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