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price : $599.00


four channels of high quality mixing, including cv control over amplitude/saturation and semi-log panning.
four independent logarithmic vcas with independent outputs.
silent mute/solo function.
expandable to up to 3 additional miiiix modules (4 total), providing up to 16 channels of audio on the mute/solo bus.
two cv input modes per channel to accommodate unipolar and bipolar signals and cv saturation.
dedicated a/b (left/right) main output attenuators.
high fidelity current mode stereo headphone and line output with attenuator.

envelope cv specific features:
additionally with cv, envelope mode is for unipolar positive cv sources in the 8-10v range. if more gain or saturation is desired when using an envelope as cv, lfo mode can be used. lfo mode is designed for using bipolar +/-5v cv sources from lfos, vcos etc.

mute and solo specific features:
soloing works by muting all other channels that are not actively soloed when the solo button is active on a particular channel and is never muted on it's individual output. muting is independent of the solo, so channels can be muted despite soloing activity. muting overrides a solo so a group of channels can be active under solo and then muted independently.

a&b; output specific feature:
this output can be used as a line out straight to laptop, recording device, headphones, etc.

quiescent: +222ma /-185ma, max: +259ma/-185ma

click here to download the manual.

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