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miiiix commander

price : $75.00

to use commander, attach the expansion cable onto the header on the back of the module and the other end onto the miiiix expansion header marked “commander”. be sure that the red stripe on the cable is next tothe markings on both modules.

commander features mute and solo cv inputs for each of the miiiix channels to voltage control muting and soloing. pulse signals are recommended for accurate timing but alternatively any signal that rises aboveand falls below +5v can be used to automate mute and solo functions.

mute and solo toggles with every cycle of the cv input waveform. for instance, a single pulse (rise/fall above/below +5v) will toggle mute or solo from off to on or on to off depending on the initial state. thenext pulse will toggle back to the original state and so on.

power: +/- 0ma

click here to download the manual.

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