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qu-bit electronix

price : $279.00


a new way to random.

chance is a unique modulation source that uses chance operations to create musical voltages. inspired by john cage's use of the chinese divination text, i ching, chance generates random voltages in response to a digitally generated coin toss.

four distinct algorithms provide signals like smooth and discrete, while the wavetable and blend outputs take full advantage of its microcontroller core, utilizing lookup tables, and digital interpolation to create a one-of-a-kind voltage source. upon each successive clock pulse, coin toss seeds all outputs with new randomly chosen values.

freeze stops everything in its tracks and holds each output at its current state. after countless hours, chance will continue to surprise with new, unbelievable improvisations.

chance operations in eurorack
four random voltage outputs with attenuverters
unique voltage generation algorithms
erratic gate burst and autonomous rhythm trigger outputs
freeze control stops everything in its tracks
coin toss random voltage reseed
digital noise and analog white noise outputs
steady master clock output with rate cv
14 hp

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