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qu-bit electronix

price : $150.00


eon is an envelope, oscillator, and noise source in 2 hp.

it has three modes that are quickly and easily set via a 3 position switch.

its functionality is deep and multifaceted. the eon can be a full fledged envelope with linear and exponential shapes, a square wave oscillator that tracks 1 volt per octave, or a digital noise source with downsample control.

in addition to the three main functions, the eon also has a triangle wave lfo, random gates, and cycling envelopes.

packing more features per hp than any other module before, the eon is the best way to fill any empty spot in your case.

features & specifications:
envelope with linear and exponential shapes
square wave oscillator that tracks 1 volt per octave
oscillator pitch tracking can be 1 volt per octave or quantized to semitones.
digital noise with downsample control
random gates
2 hp

click here to download the user manual.

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