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qu-bit electronix

price : $399.00


mixology takes the mixing and routing of modular audio signals to a new level of sophistication. it is a stereo, four channel mixer with a performance oriented interface. each channel has a high quality vca circuit which allows for amplitude modulation, audio ducking, and voltage controlled panning.

in addition, cv over send amount and a stereo return channel make interfacing with effects a breeze. whether on stage or in the studio, mixology is the perfect centerpiece for controlling and performing audio signals.

stereo four channel mixer
high quality vca per channel
ergonomic performance layout with level faders
pop-free mute and solo functionality
voltage controlled panning that supports audio rate modulation
constant power panning
cv over send amount
stereo return channel
+3db of gain per channel
analog vu meter
bipolar cv inputs allow for audio ducking, dynamic panning, and effect throws
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