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price : $344.00


synapse is a crossfading switch with a signal path that can be rearranged on the fly. its dynamic routing and mixing functionality make it capable of turning static waveforms into evolving soundscapes.

the core of synapse is comprised of four crossfade circuits chained to a sequential switch, all under digital control. this enables many intelligent behaviors that aren't possible in the analog domain. crossfade positions can be saved in up to eight memory locations for easy recall. these let you create sections within your patch, and travel through them with a single knob - all without repatching. in addition, the switch outputs can be rotated left, right, or randomized, enabling unique spatialization of sounds through effect chains, filters, or other mixers.

synapse can process cv signals just as well as audio and even generate its own adjustable dc voltage for modulation. a configurable +5v dc offset is normalled to each b input, allowing it to function as a four step sequencer or eight stage stored voltage source without needing any additional modules.

configurable switching behavior eliminates clicks and pops
internal lfo modulation
eight memory locations save crossfade positions
dc coupled inputs work for audio or cv signals
configurable internal +5v dc offset

download the user manual here.

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