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price : $345.00


knobs is a highly playable, precision voltage processing utility. two channels of configurable gain, offset, and slur feed a low-noise cv crossfader. this layout takes useful utility functions and makes them very playable and interactive.

two voltage processing channels
precision attenuversion with range switch for positive, negative, and bipolar gain adjustment. control extents provide gains of exactly 0 or +/-1
+/- 5v offset adjustment with trimmed 5v precision reference
slur adjustment up to 23 seconds
low noise cv linear crossfader normalled to voltage processing channels
'smooth detent' fader with precise settability of center position
active switch for bypassing, zeroing, or applying processing
rgb voltage indications of signal polarity, amplitude, and zero value
long life switches & potentiometers
low loss, high speed active reverse voltage protection
overcurrent protection
low loss, long life, high rel power cable with keyed & latching connector
extremely high build quality and reliability

gain range: -1 to 1
channel gain error (typ): 0.02%
offset range: -5 to +5vdc
max slur time: 23s (90%)
xf cv input range: +/-2.5v (5vpp) or +/-5v (10vpp)
input impedance: 50kohms
power requirements: +/-12v @ 70ma
size: 14hp w x 128.5mm h x 55mm d

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