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driftbox r_limited

price : $499.00

vco 1 has controls for frequency, level and modulation depth. high/low switches between octaves. frequency range: 0.2hz-10khz
the wave switch selects in a rotating fashion one of the wave forms: sawtooth -> triangle -> 50% pulse -> 75% pulse -> 25% pulse -> white noise -> pink noise
eg/fm selects either the envleope generator or the second vco as modulation source.

vco 2 is pretty much the same as vco1 but has only two selectable waveforms (sawtooth and 50% square) and different modulation options (sync or fm by vco1). the cv link switch routes the external cv for vco1 to input of vco2 as well.

the filter is a resonant, 24db/octave steep low pass filter. the resonance goes into oscillation. the modulation source for the cutoff can be either the envelope or an external cv; the modulation intensity is adjustable. two more switches determine if and which vco is used for filter cutoff modulation.

the envelope is working either as an ad or an asr, the middle control d/s determines either the decay time or the sustain level. when envelopes overlap, an interesting percussion effect occurs which prevails in the mix.
the inv/nor switch can invert the envelope. the modulation depth to the vca is set with the "eg deptch" potentiometer.

hold opens the vca and the vol control sets the output level. the output switch is used for muting the synth.
the white button allows you to fire the envelope manually and it generates a gate singal at the gate output socket.

5v dc power inlet
cv inputs: vcos 1+2 (1v/oct, 0-10v) and vcf cutoff (0-10v)
gate input, gate output (0-5v pulses)
audio output

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