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rockbox electronics

boiling point (serial #1226)

price : $349.00

boiling point (serial #1229)

price : $349.00

hand built, numbered and signed by the builder
hand painted, with an automotive clear coat for protection
each pedal is uniquely painted. no two are alike.
3 selectable positions: plexi, asymetric overdrive and clean boost
true bypass switching
bass contour switch for humbucker & single coil operation
better input impedance matching
improved tone section for more control
high overdrive output while cleaning up nicely for the volume knob player
high visibility indicator blue led
best quality 11-detent drive potentiometer
1% audiophile metal film resistors in most locations (with vintage carbon composition in signal path)
switchcraft jacks
panasonic audiophile capacitors
socketed chip for tonal experimentation
9v to 18v operation
2-year warranty against manufacturers defects

the rockbox™ boiling point™ overdrive boost incorporates a 3 position diode selector for a nearly endless variety of harmonic flavor. in the plexi mode, the pedal has very marshall-like response. for the asymetric overdrive mode, we gave the pedal a truly organic, tube-like distortion, with greater output. you will notice the overtones and response is like no other pedal. the middle position is a clean boost, with more than enough gain to send your favorite tube amp into overdrive heaven. while we gave the overdrive boost a tremendous amount of gain, we paid close attention to how the pedal cleans up. if you are a volume knob player, you will love how this pedal will clean up for a thick, creamy clean rhythm sound.

in a recent pedal shootout that included many of the "holy-grail" and vintage pedals like landgraff, klon, fulltone, lovepedal, way huge, analog man and paul cochrane, the boiling point™ was consistently named the "best of class" by all the players who participated.

for greatest road reliability, we don't use socketed connections in any location with the exception of the 4558 chip, which was designed to be socketed. socketed connections, which you will find in some boutique builders work, can come loose and fail. we solder all connections within the pedal for greatest road reliability. the ic is socketed so that you can experiment with other ic chips. (we prefer the sound of the rc4558p in most builds, but can ship with any other chip you prefer). it may be quicker to use pin sockets like some of the more expensive competition, but we don't want you to suffer due to unreliable connections.

final assembly of our effects are followed one final test: each finished pedal is auditioned using the best test we know of - we listen to it.

we truly believe that the boiling point™ is one of the best overdrive pedals you will ever purchase. if you are an experienced guitarist, satisfied with your amplifier rig, the boiling point™ will add a wide variety of very tasty flavors to enhance your sound. "enhance" is an important concept with us. the boiling point™ is specifically tuned with the finest quality components to ensure that the true sound of your guitar shines through. you will notice that your guitar's sound will remain the foundation of that sound even with the most aggressive distortion settings.

if you are like most of us, and have wasted money in the past on effects that just didn't cut it, the boiling point™ will make a believer out of you. we think that you will find the boiling point™ to be a useful tool in your arsenal of sound, and will get a permanent spot on your pedalboard.

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