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mission control: white edition; limited

price : $399.00

Mission Control: White Edition (Limited)

a whole new dimension is available at the tip of your space boot. explore infinite routing options, clever mixing capabilities, and deeply expressive dynamics. introducing mission control: expressive audio system.

mission control is: an autofader, signal router, dynamic effects loop, wet/dry blender, y-splitter, two-channel mixer, customizable tremolo, buffer, interface for cv and expression control, and more. for additional flexibility, multiple mission controls can be linked together via the included cv in and out ports.

at the core of mission control is an analog vca, powered by an envelope generator with seven mode settings to manipulate your signal in a multitude of ways. the effects loop and cv in/outs extend this functionality even further.

by using the in and out jacks alone mission control is a versatile autofader, with the actuate foot switch as your interface. by inserting an effect or chain of effects into the effects loop, mission control allows you to modulate the loop signal in parallel with the dry signal. attack and release controls offer a wide range from 65ms up to a whopping 33 seconds, for quick bursts and flutters or long swells and fades.

offering both momentary and latching switch modes, plus up and down variations for each mode, mission control becomes a deeply expressive device for use with any instrument. every jack has multiple possible functions, making mission control the ultimate signal routing device, with an endless supply of creative uses.

mission control is hand-soldered and handmade in portland oregon to the highest degree of quality possible. these are truly artisan-crafted tone devices, sparing no detail within or without. mission control utilizes true-bypass switching via the best mechanical footswitch available. open one up and you'll see an unparalleled display of craftsmanship; with immaculate hand-soldered pcb and detailed military-spec wiring. on top of the cast aluminum enclosure sits a durable, engraved vinyl faceplate and jewel indicator light. this pedal is truly built to last a lifetime.

each pedal number is hand-hammered on the nameplate, stating its limited availability and each is also signed and numbered on the inside.

download the instructions here.

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