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spectral audio
neptune II

price : $675.00

With the Neptune Mk2, Spectral Audio is again tickling out the best of the Analog Technique - three temperature stabilized Voltage Controlled Oscillators, the 24dB transistor cascade filter, the huge LFO range, its modulation flexibility, the envelopes and the transistor distorter section are speaking for itself.

Technical Details:

3 VCO with Range 0.14Hz .. 7kHz, used up to 5.3kHz
Sawtooth and Pulse Wave on OSC1 and OSC2
Sawtooth, Triangle, Pulse, Random on OSC3/LFO
OSC3 switchable as LFO
Noise Generator with Spectrum DC..100kHz
Octave Switch for OSC2 with range 32' .. 4'
Octave Switch for OSC3 with range 64' .. 8'
Sync of OSC2 to OSC1
External Signal source
True Ringmodulator
Mixer section
24dB Cascade filter with Lowpass and Highpass
Self resonant
Keyfollow switch 0-50%-100%
Four Modulation targets of OSC3/LFO: Mixer, Cutoff, OSC1, OSC2
Six shapes of OSC3/LFO: Sawtooth, Triangle, Pulse, Random, Noise and OSC2 signal
Free run switch to have OSC3 free of the keyboard
Filter and Volume envelopes where Filter envelope can be positive or negative modulated
Distortion section with regular Distorter and Fuzzer
Power switch
Power on led

Learn switch for MIDI Channel and Reference note
Gate LED
Slide switchable over Controller
LFO MIDI Clock Sync
CV and Gate In/Out
5 Octave Range precise MIDI to CV Converter
interpret Pitch bend and Sustain
Cutoff and Modulation Controller with MSB and LSB
Pitchbend Range over Controller
MIDI Timing Clock 1/1 note up to 1/32 note
MIDI Thru with signal regeneration

Quality smooth potentiometer
Soft touch knobs
High efficiency 5mm leds, three green/one blue
2.2mm travel push switches for optimal optical feedback
Anodized colored 3mm Front Panel
Pure DC Design means no capacitors in the signal flow
Low noise design
True noise generator (not digital noise)

Additional manual change possibilities:
Having PW(M) on Square Wave on Osc1,2 or 3
Osc3 Sync with Osc1 or Osc2
Even faster Envelopes
Increase tune range for Osc1..Osc3
Additional signal inputs and outputs (i.e. to work with your modular system i.e.)
General in/outputs of Oscillators, Envelopes, Filter, Ringmodulator, ...


Please click here to visit the manufacturer's webpage for more info.

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