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spectral audio

price : $549.00

the syntrack combines a digital wavetable oscillator with an analogue filter (cascade filter). the filter output passes through the analogue distorter which shapes your sound to be powerful and rough. the syntrack offers 99 programs and easy programming because each parameter has a pot. every operation on the knobs will cause a controller to be send to midi out. and each parameter listens to its controller on midi in. the lamps above the knobs displays a midi controller remote of the pots or a setting of this parameter by the program. the wavetable can be expanded by a second chip. the syntrack also offers an external audio input.

99 programs (1 .. 29 = presets, 30 .. 99 = free definable programs)
wavetable oscillator with 100 waves (expandable to 200)
analogue 24 db cascade filter with resonance and self oscillation
2 envelopes
full midi control
velocity and after touch sensitivity
key follow
retrigger function
midi in / out / thru
audio filter input
19" / 1 rack spaces
light blue coloured front panel

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