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sputnik modular
5-step voltage source
with knobs

price : $375.00

5-Step Voltage Source (with Knobs)

5-step voltage source
bare shafts; no knobs

price : $350.00

5-Step Voltage Source (Bare Shafts; No Knobs)

the 5-step voltage source is a full featured sequencer and voltage source for the sputnik modular system.

pulser control:
"trig. in" to trigger pulser
"pulser" controls rate of pulses fired between .002 and 10 sec and the amount of pulses can be manually controlled or via cv "time" input
length (pw) of pulses can be manually adjusted from 0 - 100% and can be cv controlled via "length"
outputs pulses and sawtooth
manual buttons for "start" and "stop" and both can also be cv controlled

cv and pulse outputs:
4 rows (a-d) of 5 step voltage generators with individual cv or pulse outputs + led indicators
"all pulse" output

stage select:
5 "stage select" switches with trigger inputs and buttons for stage selection. switches control length of sequence.
stage select "address" cv input for controlling additional stage selection

28hp +12v/-12v/+5v

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