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sputnik modular
cv processor

price : $179.00

the sputnik cv processor is a multi-functional module for manipulating eurorack control signals. it can sum, invert, attenuate, amplify control voltages, also it can add offset to cv or crossfade between two cvs. audio signals may be processed same way as the cvs with this module.

input 1
processes incoming cv via a front a panel attenuverter for bi-directional voltage control.

input 2+3/crossfader
inputs 2 and 3 can be crossfaded by cv (0 to +5v) or manually using the crossfader knob.

dc offset can be added to the final sum of the input stage.

sum output of in 1 and the crossfaded mix of in 2 and in 3.

two independent amplifiers with manual control of gain ranging from unity to 2x gain. designed to amplify sputnik-standard 0-5v control voltages to up to 0-10v ranges for use with other eurorack modules.

10hp +12v/-12v/+5v

download the manual here.

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