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sputnik modular
dual oscillator

price : $549.00

Dual Oscillator

the sputnik dual oscillator is 100% analog with both generators tracking v/oct, includes a timbre waveshaper plus harmonic dial, two fm inputs, 6 outputs including "final" out, unipolar cv out and a modulation bus that allows for immediate and extreme timbral control.

two oscillators - gen 1 with v/oct, cv input, vco or lfo mode switch, triangle, saw or square selectable output and fm input. gen 2 with v/oct, cv input, fm input and external sync input.
modulation control section including switches for am, fm for timbre bus modulation, cv input for modulation control amount, manual modulation index control and a sync switch making gen 1 sync to gen 2.
harmonics section controls waveshaping of timbre and includes cv or manual controls for symmetry and order
timbre section (primary waveshaping section) includes cv or manual control
output 1 section includes 3 outputs: triangle, select (triangle, ramp, square) waveform and unipolar cv output
output 2 section includes 3 outputs: sine, square and final (master output)

28hp +12v/-12v/+5v - requires two 16pin power connectors

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