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four tap delay / dual crossfader

price : $299.00

Four Tap Delay / Dual Crossfader

the four-tap delay / dual crossfader provides a wide range of delay options from extreme taps (note the x10 switch) to warbling tape feedback and features:

signal inputs
3 input jacks with attenuator control knobs

delay time attenuator control knob
x1 and x10 switch
cv input to control delay time + attenuator control knob
fm in with attenuator control knob

4 distinct stereo outputs: ¼t, ½t, ¾t and full time

dual crossfader
2 audio inputs per crossfader
cv control input with control knob (fade from input 1--to--2)
1 output per crossfader for stereo pan(??)

overload led

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