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sputnik modular
multi-touch keyboard controller

price : $499.00

Multi-Touch Keyboard Controller

the sputnik modular multi-touch keyboard controller includes 29 keys, up to 4 voices and the following features:

control per key
"pressure" cv (measured surface amount)
gate cv

internal and external sync switch
up, down, and random modes
cv trigger input
manual time control control knob

polyphony mono/arp or poly (2,3,4 voices)
octave switch for +1, +2
in mono/arp mode, cv2 sends cv1+2 semitones, cv3 sends cv1+4 semitones, cv4 sends + 7 semitones
in mono/arp mode gate 1 sends every gate, gate 2 every 2nd gate, gate 3 every 3rd gate and gate 4 every 4th gate and can work like a clock divider

location sensor
touch sensitive location strip with both cv and gate outputs

mono outputs
cv 1 out
gate 1 out
pressure cv out

polyphonic outputs
2,3,4 voice switch
cv 2-4 outs
gate 2-4 outs
all pulses out

also includes a 5v or 10v switch on the pcb for pressure and location

84hp +12v/-12v/+5

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