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sputnik modular

price : $149.00


the sputnik selector is a sequential switch that allows the automated routing of one of four inputs to a single output. the selector is able to switch between 2, 3, or 4 of the inputs and four direction modes (three on the front panel and one "hidden" mode) are available. input selection can be advanced by a trigger/gate input or manual button.

four inputs accept cv or audio signals with stage selection led indicators.

three mode switch allowing for selection between 2, 3, or 4 inputs.

selection can be advanced by trigger, gate, or clock signals via an input jack or using the dedicated trigger button for manual selection at slower speeds.

trigger input, gate input, or manual momentary button control of sequence reset. reset defaults selector back to input a.

signal output.

choose between 3 sequential modes at a time: up (dcba pattern), down (abcd pattern), or rand (random pattern mode). pendulum mode (abcdcba pattern) is also available as a hidden feature when pressing and holding the "trig" and "reset" buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. this will swap up with pendulum mode and is reversible by repeating the same process.

inverted voltage output.

download the manual here.

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