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hermod modular brain: black

price : $499.00

Hermod Modular Brain: Black

hermod modular brain: cream

price : $499.00

Hermod Modular Brain: Cream

the 8-track sequencer & interface for your eurorack system.

perfect for composition and live performances
hermod brings together a powerful step sequencer, a cv looper, a real-time effect processor, lfo generators and a complete bi-directional midi-usb-cv input/output interface.

record a performance at any time thanks to the cv inputs, the usb host, the usb device and the midi input. create and edit your tracks with the step mode and its piano roll and automation view. generate crazy patterns with the randomization tool.

hermod is polymetric, it means that each track can have a different length, from 1 step to 64 steps. moreover, you can zoom in to increase the resolution of the step sequencer (up to 512 steps).

polymorphic tracks
thanks to hermod architecture, a track can be a simple mono cv/gate voice, but can be easily configured as a polyphonic track (up to 8 voices), a cv/gate + velocity + aftertouch track, a modulation + clock track... in order to perfectly fit your eurorack system!

sequences and projects
the 8 tracks are grouped into one of hermod's 8 sequences. every sequence is totally independent and contains a new set of tracks to be played with, for a total of 64 tracks in a single project.

the number of projects is unlimited and the save/load can be done in a flash, allowing you to jump from one song to the next in your live performance.

dynamic effects
all the fun in hermod resides in its effect system, allowing you to transform input signals, wether it's midi or cv. you can stack on each track up to 8 real-time effects: quantize, swing, arpeggiator, ratchet, random, euclid, glide, harmonizer, delay, chance, scale, lfo... experiment with the effects position and parameters to generate eccentric melodies!

every effect parameters can be edited in the effects mode, or with cc messages & cv inputs, thanks to the modmatrix.

midi-usb-cv interface
full connectivity: control hermod with plug-and-play midi usb devices, midi keyboards, computers or other eurorack cv systems.

hermod is also a great midi hub, allowing you to sequence midi synthesizers/drum machines and computer's virtual instruments. of course, hermod can be perfectly paired with pyramid or other hardware and software sequencer, in order to benefit from its cv/gate outputs.

with hermod's rock-solid clock, this module becomes a great synchronization tool for all your setup! thanks to its powerful cpu, even when synced/slaved, hermod allows an ultra-low latency to make the perfect link between the digital world and the analog world.

core player
number of tracks: 8
number of sequences: 8
number of projects: unlimited
number of events (notes, automation) per project: ~80000
recording resolution: 24ppqn
tempo: 20 to 1000 bpm

maximum number of notes per step (polyphony): 8
maximum number of effects per track: 8
note pitch: c0 to b9
note velocity: 0 to 127
note width: 1/24th to 16 bars
track length: ¼ bar to 16 bars (1 step to 64 steps at zoom x1)
zoom: x1 (1 step = 1 quarter notes) to x8 (1 step = 1/32th note)

midi (to control hermod with a midi controller)
usb host (to control hermod with a computer)
usb device (to control hermod with an usb controller)
4x cv in [-5v to +5v] (to control hermod with cv/gate notes, cv modulation, clock)

midi (up to 8 channels)
usb host
usb device
8x cv out [-5v to +5v]
8x gate out [0v to +5v]

user interface
16 backlit silicon button pads
menu clickable encoder
white backlit high contrast lcd screen
8x rgb leds to display the cv/gate voltages
microsd card slot to save your projects and upgrade the os (sd card included)

cpu: 216mhz arm cortex-m7
dac resolution: 16-bit
adc resolution: 12-bit
width: 26hp (up to 30mm in depth)
requires a ±12v eurorack supply (consume 310ma from the +12v rail and 30ma from the -12v rail)

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