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price : $189.00


autodyne is a 4hp auto-compressor/distortion featuring a multi-mode side chain filter and ny style parallel compression blend control.

ratio, threshold and gain are all built into a single, simple to use comp control. compression gets more extreme as this control is swept past center position. setting below center offers more subtle/typical compression.

autodyne automatically responds to transients, will glue a mix with ease and dial in the perfect feeling of the program material you feed into it.

gain control to trim the final output gain or offer up some extremely brutal distortion, whichever you prefer.

switchable side chain filter is provided along with a triple slope high pass filter, in order to retain lower frequency content and unwanted over-compression by removing them from the side chain. input signal is normalized into the side chain or an external signal may be utilized via the side chain input.

parallel compression blend control mixes the unaffected input signal with the compressed output for even further control of your sound. compression may be bypassed simply by sweeping this control to minimum position.

controls are simple enough to match in tandem for dual unit, stereo operation, if desired.

audiophile grade discrete components and burr-brown op amps used throughout.

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