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price : $139.00

multi-purpose heavy lifter. the attenuators reduce level, audio or cv, when switch is set to off. with the switch up the audio/signal passes through at full level. the inputs are linked together: patching into channel 1 drives both attenuators; patching into channel 2 breaks the link. experimentation with key tracking to create alternative tunings, or interaction with audio inputs that don't afford attenuation—does good things. the two lag circuits provide a handy cv mult/hub for oscillator and filter tracking (perfect for cv-ing up our oscillation module with its switchable one in/three out structure for both attenuation and slewing—x2) and are linked together: if you patch into channel 1 only, the outputs of both channels are driven (just like the attenuation circuit); patching into channel 2 breaks the link and they become two separate cv mult/lag circuits—envelopes look out.

four pots:
attenuate 1, attenuate 2, lag time 1, lag time 2.

four switches:
off: the top two handle attenuation duties; the bottom are wired to lag time.

ten patch points:
attenuate 1: in, out; lag time 1: in, out 1a, out 1b, out 1c; attenuate 2: in, out; lag time 2: in, out 2a, out 2b, out 2c

common controls and patch points:
attenuate – level reduction.
in – attenuation input.
out – attenuation output.
off – bypass is in up position.
lag time – exponential slewing amount—still affectionately called glide in some quarters.
in - lag input.
off – lag bypass.
out a – lag output a.
out b – lag output b.
out c – lag output c.

size - 10hp
depth - 25mm with ribbon cable attached
power usage - 15ma

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