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studio electronics

price : $99.00

space conscious, 4 in/1 out high quality audio and cv mixer. unity gain is achieved at 3:00 on the dial.

four pots:
lvl 1, lvl 2, lvl3, lvl 4.

five patch points:
out, in 1, in 2, in 3, in 4.

all controls and patch points:
lvl 1 adjusts the level of in 1.
lvl 2 adjusts the level of in 2.
lvl 3 adjusts the level of in 3.
lvl 4 adjusts the level of in 4.
out composite output.
in 1 audio/cv input 1.
in 2 audio/cv input 2.
in 3 audio/cv input 3.
in 4 audio/cv input 4.

size - 6hp
depth - 25mm with ribbon cable attached
power usage - 15ma

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