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trotsky drive deluxe

price : $179.00

A new collaboration between Nate Garcia and Dano at Beavis Audio brings us the Trotsky Drive Deluxe. The Trostky Drive is based on the old Electra distortion, a module fitted in Electra guitars in the 1970's. The Trotsky is very similar to the Electra but adds germanium clipping diodes, a bright switch, variable gain and a volume control. This turns it into a boost/light overdrive with added sparkle and a nice high-end.

For more info including a description of the controls, check out the user manual.

The Trotsky Drive requires a Boss-standard 9v external wall wart psu with a center ground pin. The pedal may be damaged if exposed to reverse polarity, or too high a voltage.

Please view the manufacturer's webpage for more info, as well as the original Beavis Audio site.

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