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synthesis technology/motm
e950 circuit bent vco

price : $199.00

the e950 circuit bent vco is the latest unique vco module from synthesis technology. using licensed technology from the original texas instruments lpc speech synthesizers, the e950 contains original voice roms and algorithms from 2 generations of speech dsps. additionally, 2 banks of 16 wavetables from the e350 morphing terrarium are included for a low-cost morphing vco. the e950 can speak in both 'normal' and 'circuit bent' modes, all under voltage control. unlike traditional 'circuit bent' toys and keyboards, the e950 is very repeatable and controllable. the e950 easily crosses the boundary between traditional wavetable vcos and the unique possibilities using 100s of words, phrases and 'glitches'.

10hp wide
1.15 inches (29mm) deep

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